MR. Cat

He was called Molly,
but later became Molloy,
when we found his bit!

A small white fluff ball,
with two piercing almond eyes,
and a pink cat nose

Sat to attention,
Pursed paws and rotating head,
Observing all round

He quickly grew up,
And grew and grew a lot more,
the king of the street

head masking body,
shoulders twisting silently,
prowling eyes locked on,

No critter was safe,
no challengers successful,
reigning supremely

His ears firmly stood,
his chest maine pushed out proudly,
content drawn eyelids

16 years go quickly,
the prowl gives way to a limp,
the head hangs softly

Always a true friend,
no conditions or drama,
at your beck and call

still rubbing your leg,
still purring when he sees you,
though meowing softer

finally breaking down,
too strong a man to go soon,
too great a man to let suffer,
the agony of compassion.

The white fluffy cloud,
still watching me I pretend,
my friend to the end….

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