Where did COVID-19 come from?

Wuhan, located in China, is believed to be the location where COVID-19 began. It could have started somewhere else, close by! COVID-19 could have been transmitted more than we know before the first recorded case was documented. But that is the generally accepted origination.

What is COVID-19 virus?

COVID-19 is a variant of influenza which itself is a virus. All viruses are based on RNA as opposed to DNA. DNA is a double spiral structure with two strands of genetic information. RNA is a single strand of genetic information. RNA cannot correct errors as it replicates like DNA and so it mutates very quickly. Therefore viruses can change or evolve very rapidly. For a virus to thrive it needs many hosts in close proximity for it to continuously transmit to and hence mutate a lot. COVID-19 is an influenza type virus that can have wide ranging symptoms from very mild to very deadly!

The flu is more common than COVID-19!!

A worm is more common than a venomous snake. That snake can bite and kill you! Flu is more common than COVID-19, but COVID-19 is more dangerous.

Hospitals can handle the peak of deadly influenza cases during an outbreak, because there are so few.

Hospitals cannot handle peak wave of deadly COVID-19 cases during an outbreak, because there are so many deadly cases.

Quarantine was deemed necessary after studying the projections from every major disease outbreak model we have. Gambling against that data is ill advised.

How does the body react to a virus?

Viral infections ( like the flu ) enter the body any way the can. The easiest way is through your mouth, nose or eyes. When the virus enters the blood stream it can then enter your bodies cells. Once inside a cell the virus is invisible to your immune system! However, your cells can produce proteins ( markers ) on the outer surface that match the virus proteins inside the infected cell. Your white blood cells have copies of markers from infections you have over come or become immune to. If they encounter an infected cell showing a flu marker they attack and kill the cell and hence all the influenza within that infected cell. The immune system is indeed a miracle!

* When not infected: If your cells accidentally match the proteins on the white blood cells they will appear infected and your immune system will destroy them regardless!
* When infected: If the influenza produces a protein your body cannot detected you cannot fight the infection!
* Diseases like measles can wipe your immune systems infection history! You will be susceptible to all influenza again! Vaccinate please

Caution!!!! The immune system is shutdown when you have a fight or flight response! When threatened or under severe stress your body produces adrenaline and cortisol to help you deal with the emergency. These stimulants increase reflexes, agility and aggression. They are critical for survival but only when used in infrequent short bursts to enable you to “fight or flight”. When this occurs the following non essential bodily functions are temporarily shut down.
1. Digestive system. ( So quickly sometimes you empty your stomach and bowels out!)
2. Immune system. Non essential for fighting a tiger!
3. Your growth hormones stop. No need to grow hair and nails when that energy may help you outrun a rhino!

This is obviously has bad side effects long term. Poverty, hopelessness, hardship all cause similar stresses and similar reactions in our bodies. They are long term conditions that weigh heavily on people. Hence stress and poverty cause major health problems! When your body is in a prolonged state of fight or flight it ceases to function correctly.

How does any of the above explain the covid-19 outbreak?

Poverty, pressure, stress, poor health, hopelessness, close proximity, bad living and economic conditions all contribute to weakened immunity. Close proximity and poor health also are the perfect breeding ground for sickness. Wuhan, China. . . . Beginning to see a link here? The WHO have been warning for a long time that over population and economic hardship might breed a problem like this. China, India, Africa and South America are all likely candidates. Ebola, Zika e.t.c all sprung from these circumstances.

We know a virus can mutate rapidly if it has enough hosts. We know the body does not cope with infection if its immune system is inefficient. Conditions in many parts of the world including china are ripe for viral outbreaks. Bad working conditions and pay, bad health and health care, great responsibility, dependents and stress. Generally hopeless situations break human spirit and cause depression. That coupled with over crowding and bad health creates the perfect storm!!

COVID-19 and any superseding COVIDs are the end product of our economic model of selling the consumer more for cheaper. Allowing the poor become poorer causes these outbreaks. Ironically the push for economic glory breeds the one thing than can instantly destroy an economy! A pandemic! If you tip the scales too far to one side then all the weights spill and the empty scales re-balances. What ever metaphor works best for you, works best for you. Nature is a system of balances. Too many diseases kill too many animals and hence result in less hosts and no way for a disease to spread. Every natural crises eventually subdues itself, after causing a great deal of damage along the way.


There is no conspiracy, no plot, no villain. The blame is with all of us. We let poor children work from 6 years until they are 50 years of age to support the base layer of all our products supply lines. The poorest spend all their lives making things to supply our demand! Change the demands and you will change the supply and fix the problem. Demand less, give back more!

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